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St Laurence Catholic Primary School

St Laurence
Catholic Primary School


A fresh approach to spelling at St Laurence in KS2 (Year 3 – 6)

 Good spellers…

  • apply knowledge they have been taught when writing independently
  • use the resources available
  • refer to the learning environment
  • use personal strategies to help them work out a solution to words they don’t know
  • have curiosity about language and words
  • take responsibility for their own learning 

Good spellers are not…

  • people who learn ten spellings for a test the following week.


At St Laurence we are now using ‘No Nonsense Spelling’, a programme designed to develop good spellers.

Spelling homework will now be set fortnightly

Tasks will be varied so the children are inspired to engage with the spelling focus on a more exploratory level.

Children may be challenged to:

  • find words containing a particular phoneme/grapheme correspondence;
  • explore all the derivations they can generate from a given root word;
  • record the spelling strategy/ies they have decided to use for some given words in an innovative way;
  • use their words in the context of sentences etc.

Alongside the chosen exploratory/creative/critical thinking activity, the child will have five words to learn.