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St Laurence Catholic Primary School

St Laurence
Catholic Primary School

Mental Health and Wellbeing

We aim to support all pupils, staff and parents wellbeing. 

Our named school lead for mental health and adult mental health champion is Mrs Veronica Harvey, Joint Head of School.

Mental Health Focus January 2019:

Upper Key Stage 2:

On our first day back year 5 and 6 created their own 'snakes and ladders well-being' board game. Children were asked to make their own snakes and ladders for this game before discussing different scenarios inside and outside of school. Then, children brainstormed positive and negative ways to react to these scenarios. The snakes represented any negative reactions, whereas the ladders represented ways to tackle the problems in a positive light. 

Lower Key Stage 2:

In Quails, Swallows and Doves we spent two days exploring the 5 keys to wellbeing: take notice, be active, keep learning, connect and give. We all went on a wellbeing treasure hunt to find little moments of happiness. We concentrated on noticing the beauty of nature around us, giving compliments and collecting smiles. On Friday, we discussed the importance of talking about our 'big feelings'.  We each made a hand and wrote the names of 5 people we felt we could trust and talk to about our feelings. Finally, we each wrote an act of kindness to add to our new acts of kindness jar. Everyday we are choosing a new act of kindness so that we can work together to spread happiness throughout our school.