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St Laurence Catholic
Primary School

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  • Yr 6 Kingswood Updates

    Published 01/12/16

    After being waved off by Reception, Year 6 have made their way safely to Kingswood. Mrs Bennett and Mrs Sharman have checked in to say that the children are all settled in to their rooms and are currently enjoying a game of volleyball!


    9.00am Update from Mrs Sharman:

    Last night the children had a pool party with games, which meant that everyone had a good nights sleep!

    Today they have an action packed day including caving, abseiling, fencing and archery!


    3.30pm Update from Mrs Sharman:

    Having a great time! Fears (heights, spiders, small spaces and the dark) are being overcome. The rain that was forecast has held off so we have been to the beach for the afternoon. Looking forward to busting out some serious dance moves at the disco tonight! 



    9.00am Update from Mrs Bennett

    Everybody slept well last night after the disco. All rooms have been cleaned and bags packed! Off to breakfast and then to our last activity.


    Update at 1.30 from Mrs Sharman

    Great end to our stay! All on the coach and heading home. On track to be back at school for 3.30pm

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  • Mayor visits St Laurence

    Published 17/11/16

    We were very lucky  to have an Assembly visit from our current Cambridgeshire Mayor, Jeremy Benstead. He talked to the children about British values, particularly democracy, the duties he performs as elected  Mayor and even handed out some SuperStar certificates!


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  • Peer Mentoring

    Published 19/09/16
    Pupils from year 5 have been trained in Peer Mediation skills.  The Peer Mediators work in pairs  to encourage and guide their fellow pupils to find ways of solving the problems they face, or to explore new ways of looking at the situa
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